Monday, September 19, 2016

40th Week Out, Santa Rita - Paraguay Week 11, "Epyta Upepé"

Title means Quedate allí. 🌎

Hola my fellows! I´m here again! I´m going to start off with a weird craving I have had lately. BOYSENBERRY SYRUP! I don´t know how to spell that, but I randomly received a revelation that I need that. OH my gosh it is so good. I´ve been having pancakes with Dulce de leche here! It´s milk and sugar boiled. Or carmel.

Anyways, I´m moving towards the end of this translado, and ALMOST A YEAR ON THE MISSION BROTHERS AND SISTERS. That´s a logro I will have to remember. I am apparently a Leo on the zodiac thingy? It says my favorite color is red, and that is right...

Today we´re going to an investigators house to make DONUTS! Like Paraguayan donuts! HOLY GOODNESS I´m excited. THEY TASTE SO GOOD! She sends us home with them every time we go. They call them Bolachas!

WOO! Alright so, we had 31 people in our little church building yesterday! That´s a lot for a group! Like really, we will be a Branch in a few months. ThatSunday a girl came over to me. She is like 7, and she pinched me in the butt... It really really hurt. I like screamed, and I looked her in the eyes and said ESO NO SE HACE! I felt so bad, but she laughed at me after, so I don´t know if she understood me.

I´ll share an experience I have had while teaching people here in Santa Rita. SO we have a SUPER catholic family here, and their last name is Maidana. They have come to church 1 time though. Only because Elder Cancino was leaving Santa Rita. They went all the way on a 1 hour drive with us to Minga Guazu to attend a church meeting in an actual chapel there. (because in Santa Rita we do not have a chapel, just a building, the fact they went over there their first time is WONDERFUL!) That was a while back though. And so I get my new companion Elder Madder, and he is really straight forward when he teaches. Which is good, like he is teaching with firm faith in what he is saying. But Hermana Maidana did not like that. And she got upset, and started to throw her Catholic doctrine at us. Like how they apparently have a "Holy Door" that opens up every 50 years that allows you to save someone who didn´t get baptized to go to heaven. And she talked about how us other religions don´t respect the virgin Mary as much as they do.

So that was awkward, and my companion tried to investigate where she was getting all of this by asking her for references in the bible. But she told us she "doesn't read enough" (people, this is what happens when you apostasize... So don´t do that...)

Then I decided to tell her that we will pass by again that same day at night to make macaroni and cheese for her kids (I gave one of her kids a english Macaroni and Cheese box) I have a better relationship with Hermana Maidana, and so she said yes. We went over and I made it, everyone was chill.

But I just felt like I needed to say something to Hermana Maidana because I was sure she was feeling awful inside for what happened earlier that day. So I just went out and said something. I said "Hermana, le puedo decir algo? Una vez me dijo que la unica cosa que quiere, no importa la religion, es de estar con Jesucristo despues esta vida con toda su familia. Eso casi me hizo llorar Hermana. Quiero que sepa y tiene que saber, que nosotros solamente estamos aquí para ayudarles lograr eso."

Translation> Sister, can I tell you something? One time you told me that the only thing you want, not important of which religion, is to be with Jesus Christ after this life with all of your family. That almost made me cry. I want you to know, and you have to know, that we are only here to help you achieve that.

She was lightented up! It was awesome, I felt the spirit like fire in my heart when I said that.

The church is true everyone!

Impressions of Santa Rita:
People here are so astonished at the fact that we have TORNADOS in the United States. They always talk to me about that when I meet a new person. They are like YEA so you guys have those tornados over there right? Where they pick up cars and stuff because its so strong.

Sorry I have no pictures yet...

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