Tuesday, February 21, 2017

62nd Week Out, Week 14 Montecarlo "SALUDOS ELDER BRENNEN HORTON"

Well hello! And Goodbye Brennen.

I wonder what it feels like to have you bags packed, your ticket bought, and 48 hours left. WHAT EXCITMENT! I've seen a lot of Elders end their missions out here. In fact I know almost less that a 4th of the missionaries in my whole mission because they're all new.

This week I learned that         Will is power.

And power is from God. And we have been instructed on using that.

And yea. That's my week. Lots of teaching. Blessings of health. Spirit.

Here's a few questions: Are friends of an eternal order? not "forordained" but of a divine purpose in the hereafter? Does God have friends? Will we still have the same friends in the next life? Will me make more friends in the next life?

Yes. There is a reason why we have friends. Love your neighbor as thyself.

Impressions of Monte Carlo:
2 pounds of bread here is a dollar. A gallon of milk is 50 cents. 6 hot dogs are 75 cents. 4 thick slices of ham are 80 cents. A maple of 30 eggs are 2 dollars. Pasta of whatever type is less that 60 cents. Everything is basically free. I spend 10 dollars at the store and buy 17 different things!

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