Monday, February 13, 2017

60-61st Week Out, Week 12-13 Montecarlo "New Companion from Bolivia"


Super great week this week. Found out a lot of things about myself, my future, and a whole bunch of blah blah we will save for another day. I am freaking out Brennen. If you are reading this, I am more excited than you are. How does it feel to be the first one out, first one back. I HAVE NO IDEA! I have about 10 months left I believe. I feel like I have been doing this my whole life. I can go and talk to anyone. I can deal with rejection. I can deal with deppression. I can survive in this world now I believe.

My goodness gracious.

But yes! Today was a special day. I kicked the floor. And now my foot hurts. :) (too much soccer)

I have no maravilloso news about my area, just struggling along the mud. Singing in the rain. And lots of house clapping. OH well I guess I said nothing about the transfer changes. I am not training anymore. Elder Ayala went to Candelaria! He is with another Elder that came to the mission with him! So it's kind of funny because they both are GRINGOS! They don't speak spanish that well. They're going to have to fight it out together! Haha!

My new companion is Elder Smith! Makes it so much easier to teach the Restoration! Aaah! He is from Bolivia! Super great! He has 20 months on the mission. Teaching is more fun because I don't have to do everything now! I've trained 2 times now. Yet I have 3 children. and 2 of them left the mission :-) ........ What kind of a father am I!!? Ha! Elder Ayala is my only posterity!

Anyways I'll leave you all with a thought about premortal existence.

I believe it is a common goal, to search for things that make you happy or give you peace. Things that satisfy. And it makes us look for who we ARE as individuals. What do you want? But what do you want that lasts? What lasts? I would say happiness or peace are way up there on the list if not the top. So you look for these things that make you who you are.


If you figure out who you ARE, you find out who you WERE. And if you find out who you WERE, you know who you must be. And if you know who you must be, you gain a testimony in Jesus Christ. And if you gain a testimony in Jesus Christ, you will gain eternal life. And if you gain eternal life you will recieve a fullness of joy. And if you care about having a true everlasting happiness, then I say: Keep the commandments!

Impressions of Monte Carlo:
The city here is so full of pioneers that when someone asks who you are, you say I am the son/daughter of so and so. And they know exactly who you are.

I'll have pictures someday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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