Monday, November 14, 2016

48th Week Out, Left Paraguay - Week 19, "Closed the Area of Santa Rita"

So, I´m not in Santa Rita anymore! Neither Paraguay... I´m actually in Posadas Argentina now! We closed Santa Rita (wow that was hard, everyone cried for us..) even the land lord lady cried... Goodness gracious I didn't know the impact I was really making on these people until I left.

But yea, I´m in Argentina again. So apparently what happened was, the newbies that are coming to the mission can´t cross over to Paraguay. There are going to be like 9 Sisters and 4 Elders coming to my mission. And like a bunch of other missionaries have left the mission! We are being left without missionaries! My mission could be one of the smallest missions there are. But anyways, they can´t get into Paraguay, I don´t know how they figured that considering they´re still in the MTC but yea. And now I´m going to be in Argentina. I´ve just recently learned I will be serving in a place called Montecarlo. I will be white washed into that area so I´m going to be carrying a lot of weight here in 2 days!

My kid is probably going to be a Gringo. I heard they´re all americans. Cool beans. But hey! I´ve been getting a little nervous! Because I keep thinking I´m not going to be knowing what I´m doing. Like I´ve been on the mission for 11 months now and I should know everything right? NO. But yea that is bothering me.

President gave a capacitation to us trainers. He read us a part from his mission president manual. And it says something like "The most real, and sincere way to show a missionary the trust you have in him, is to make him a trainer. Only place the best of your missionaries in these positions."

Now I´m not tooting the horn or anything, I don´t think I´m even the slightest of one of the best missionaries. If I am, the missionaries must be really bad here. But I really liked his capacitation because I got inspired by the spirit. And it told me that this is a similitude of what kind of a father you will be. Being a trainer I need to show love for my companion. Because He´s going to get here all stressed out and scared. I remember my first days. I know what I can do because I have 3 examples! My dad, my dad, and my dad. 1 Heavenly Father, 2 my dad, and 3 Jesus Christ (according to Mosiah, we become the children of Christ)

But anyways, that´s me for now! I love being out here. The church really is true. I have sufficiently experimented many of its functions. And I cannot deny my witness. I love God´s plans and I know what I must do! I hope each and everyone of you find the same joy.

Impressions of ?I don´t know where I am?:
Someone told me I look like an alien from Men in Black 1. Someone look that up for me! It´s apparently an alien person with a head that grows out of him. And he continues to kill it.

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