Sunday, March 12, 2017

64th Week Out, Week 16 Montecarlo "Put Your Seatbelt On"

How's it!?

Yes, I'm still here! Don't forget, there is a Horton still out here in the middle of the South American continent. This week went by fast. I most likely will not be in the same area in like 8 dayish. There is a member family here that shows much sadness for that! They want to do something special for me before I leave (I heard they want to throw eggs and flour at me??????)


I have not much more to report for this week!

So it's been REALLY FUN, listening to BYU speeches of many different prophets. I would like to quote Gordon B. Hinckley:

"Live life like you were going to eternally, which you surely shall!"

Live everyday not with an anxiety that you must do every great thing possible before you die. But live knowing that you already will do every great thing for the rest of your existence.

We are only here, to put our seatbelt on. It's that simple.

Impressions of Monte Carlo:
I don't like dogs. For now.

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