Monday, April 3, 2017

66th Week Out, Week 2 Puerto Iguazu "I love the Gospel"

OK I just want to go super easter right now and tell everyone to watch this video again because it makes me die everysingle day:

I really just love it. President Monson is the very representative of Jesus Christ on the earth! It's such a HEAVY concept! In the video, when he breaks his voice a bit before saying "As one of His special witnesses today.." I feel so strongly the testimony he gives of the literality of the Resurrection! HE'S SO MODEST SAYING THAT TOO! When we were in the presence of God and he was selecting the Savior of the world, what happened after? Did it just start? Or was there more planning? Did some planning happen before? YES, the spirits were chosen and elected to be in the House of Israel! To come and be representatives of the Son of God! And Thomas S. Monson is one of the elected members in that council that we had in Heaven before the world was.

OH MY GOODNESS! If you just sit down and think for a bit. There is no way that you can't FEEL THE DEEPNESS AND THE AWESOME REALITY of what is really going on here. We are children of A GOD! A man who achieved exaltation. Who now does what His Father does. And we are learning how to be like God! "To live where God lives, you must be like God."

And THEN THERES A BEAUTIFUL COLOR TWIST WHEN WE TALK ABOUT INDIVIDUALITY! The fact that EVERYONE is unique! I ALWAYS COME BACK to that one question: What is your favorite color? DID YOU KNOW THAT THAT IS A SUPER COMPLEX QUESTION!? That actually has to do with your pre-mortal life when you started making decisions! God made you for no small reason!

Let's say you plant an orange tree you expect it to have fruit when it grows up right? You can do absolutely nothing to make that tree grow more fruit. You can only support it. And the tree itself has to make the fruits. ITS SO COOL! Even typing this out right now I just realized I'm about to call upon a parable that has already been written! Jacob 5! IT'S JUST SO CORRECT! It's like mirroring exactly how God works!

Ok I'm just going crazy, I just want everyone to realize that YOU ARE A FLIPPING GLORIOUS TREE! AND YOU HAVE AN EXPERT GARDENER who is expecting MANY fruits out of you! And he will NEVER give up! He will never get tired. We may get tired, and we may give up, and we may believe that the gardener hath forgotten us. But He will show you He hath not! He will make you into the most beautiful, fruit-full, colorful tree you never thought possible.

OH IT SO GREAT! I love the Gospel. I love the Olive tree parable. What a pleasure it is to be in the last days. :)

I can't send pics... Internet is too slow..... ;((((((((((((((((((

Impressions of Puerto Iguazú:
I GOT TO SEND A MISSIONARY HOME! It was SO FUN! WE PLAYED UNO LIKE 1000 TIMES! I got to see the huge airport in Iguazú (it's actually really small compared to everywhere but I don't care!) HERMANA RUBILAR! She went home to Chile! Gonna miss her! TRUNKY I AM! No.. :) 7 months left. WOOOOOOOOOOO!

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